Mizuno fitting results

So I had the opportunity to work for about 45 minutes with the Mizuno rep last weekend and I have to say it was a pretty good experience.

The Mizuno Fitting Cart

Now, before anyone tells me this isn’t a real fitting, after all it was without trackman and hitting off mats, I know! But this is the first time I’ve actually had the opportunity to try different shafts/heads/shaft flex and so on, and it confirmed some things I thought and really surprised me on a couple of others.

I got there nice and early and hit quite a few balls to warm up because I really wanted to make the most of the fitter’s time. This was probably a mistake because I wasn’t hitting it very well at all! I went with a mix of irons but mainly hit a couple of sets of blades I own, the wilson fg 62 blades and an old set of macgregor mcx blades. Both are standard loft and lie and have regular flex shafts.

MAcgregor Mcx Irons

Things were pretty much as they have been for the last few months-contact pretty irregular and a lot of fat shots. This got me worrying because, given my height, I was pretty sure that the fitter was going to put me straight into overlength irons. If I’m hitting it fat with standard length, I’m going to be digging trenches with an extra inch or so on the shaft, right?

Actually….wrong and this for me was a real revelation about getting custom fit clubs. Everything I hit was an inch over length and 2° upright and without talking myself up too much I can’t remember hitting more than a shot or two off from about 50 balls. And certainly nothing disastrous.

So what did I hit? Well, I should probably say that I have never been one of those huge mizuno fans. I have hit a couple of different mizuno irons in the past and I have never really experienced that famous buttery soft mizuno experience. This probably says more about my ball striking than the quality of mizunos famous grain flow forgings, but still.

The Mizuno EZ forged irons

First up was the new EZ forged on a true temper dynalite stiff shaft, one inch over and 2° upright as always. And it felt pretty good! Nice high ballflight, not much dispersion and easy to hit. It doesn’t seem like much, but the longer shaft made me feel like I could stop hunching over the shaft and just swing.

I then moved onto the mp 54s and things felt pretty good there too. The fitter then put me in a standard S300 shaft and I preferred the slightly heavier feel.

Next up was the mp 59, but to be honest, it felt similar to all the others-nice and solid.

mp 64

So the fitter says to me”looks like you could probably try something a bit more technical.” More technical, me? So he put the mp 64 head on the S300 and it really did feel nice. The only thing that maybe bothered me was the very high ball flight. After watching me hit a few more balls, the fitter said “try this-it should help your ball flight”.

He put a project x shaft in the mp 64s and after a few balls I was considering selling one of my kids to pay for the set! The ball just seem to drive out there without ballooning. I think I finally understand what people mean by penetrating ball flight.

This made me look at fitting in a whole new way. I always considered the benefits of fitting to be slight at best. I have now booked in for a full fitting with a clubfitter (Irene Cleaver in the UK). I’m really looking forward to seeing what sort of recommendations she comes up with for me.

I even think that it has made me swing better with my current irons. I feel like I’m less hunched over and swinging through the ball better. The proof of the pudding will obviously come when I play my next competitive round next year.

The bottom line? I really think that anyone buying new clubs should at the very least spend some time to make sure they fit.

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