Mizuno Fitting

I’m off for my first proper fitting with a Mizuno rep tomorrow so I’m pretty interested in what he will have to say to me. I am very tall at 6ft 6 (1m98 for those metric fans out there), but have grown comfortable hitting regular length clubs. Now this is going to be the tricky bit with the fitting for me.

Obviously, the Mizuno guy (hopefully) knows his stuff, so I’m going to have to work on trusting his judgement in terms of what might work.

Now if I could just get the practice the same as the theory!

To be honest, I feel a bit lost with my ball-striking at the moment and seems to be hitting a lot of fat shots, so it will be good to have another viewpoint, at least on what clubs might work best. I change from hitting blades to super game improvement from one day to the next currently so I suppose I can’t really complain about not getting my swing nice and regular!

As far as the Mizuno stuff itself goes, I’ve never actually had the opportunity to hit much of it, so I’ve been drooling over pictures on the internet and reading some of the reviews out there.

I always find the hackers paradise forum a pretty good place to get some feedback and have a good chat about golf generally, but there doesn’t seem to be too much about the latest and greatest in Mizuno offerings, particularly the irons.

The Mizuno blades are fantastic-looking clubs and I’d love to bag something like the mp-69s, but my ball-striking probably disagrees! I like the look of the new ez irons. That sort of gun metal look always looks good, at least to my eye.

Apart from the loft/lie stuff I wonder what sort of shaft will be the best fit. I change my mind about the importance of the shaft all the time. You tend to hear that the shaft is “the motor of the club”, but just how important is it really? I alternate between regular and stiff shafts, and if I’m being honest, don’t notice a load of difference. Now this could be because neither shaft really suits, or simply the rest of the club specs are so far off that even the right shaft can’t save me!

Anyway, I report back with how it goes tomorrow.


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